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We rethink (=REidea) and REsearch what has been discarded

and create what the world needs and what users want.


March 2024

Our representative participated in I-OPEN PROJECT23 DEMODAY

February 2024

We participated in the "Zentsuji Gogakuzan Kukai Trail 2024" in Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture, by breaking down paper cups and composting them (the compost will be used at the Zentsuji City Citizen's Gathering Hill Park).

February 2024

Our representative participated in a talk session at the "Start-up x Business Succession" seminar hosted by the Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.

February 2024

Our representative participated in earthkey pitch vol.105

February 2024

Winner of the 1st Prize at EGF Program NEXT Startup Ehime in 2024

January 2024

"Kibiko", a livestock material we have been developing (partly in cooperation with Ehime Livestock Research Institute), is now ready for use.

November 2023

Winner of the 1st Prize at the 6th Shikoku Alliance Business Plan Contest

September 2023

Presented our business plan at NOROSI 2023 Autumn batch 

August 2023

​Get certified as "NEXT STARTUP EHIME 2023" 

August 2023

Get certified as "EHIME GLO-CAL Business 2023"

Service contents

Market research & Consulting

We propose products and services that meet market needs after consulting with companies and research institutes on "waste".


​We manufacture and sell products and services developed with research institutes.

Zero to One

​We develop unprecedented products and services with research institutes

Research Project 

*developing some parts of projects


Livestock animal- and producer-friendly bedding material with antibacterial and deodorizing properties


Although wood chips are widely used for livestock bedding, price competition with "woody biomass"is becoming worldwide.

The use of bedding is a must from the point of view of AW.

We will utilize unused resources for research on bedding


New feed and feed additives with antioxidant properties never seen before

With prices of "feed" and "feed additives" skyrocketing, safe, secure, and effective feeds are urgently needed. 

Feed additives that are not only friendly to animals but also to the planet such as methane emission control and heat stress suppression, etc.


「greevy」 for compostable paper materials and biodegradable plastics 

Traditionally, despite being "biodegradable" plastic, it takes six months to a year or more to decompose them.
However, by using "greevy," paper components can be decomposed in about 1-3 day(s), and biodegradable plastic materials in about 3-10 days.


Rice husk biomass feedstock utilizing greevy decomposition speed

Rice husks are discharged 2 million tons per year in Japan, and it takes about 1-2 years to compost them, and to convert them into fuel, it is necessary to grind them into pellets.
By using greevy, rice husks are decomposed within about 48 hours for efficient composting and fuel conversion.


wead Co., Ltd.

Techno Plaza Ehime, 337-1 Kume Kubotamachi, Matsuyama, Japan 791-1101

 3-3-26 Horinouchi, Suginami-City, Tokyo 166-0013 

会社ロゴデザイン copy_page-0001.jpg
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